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      Before the first use the hand blender set[ 08-21 08:57 ]
      Take the appliance and accessories out the box.Remove the stickers,protective foil or plastic from the device. Before using your appliance for the first time,wipe off all removable parts with a damp cloth.Never use abrasive products. Put the power cable into the socket.(Note:Make sure the voltage which is indicated on the device matches the local voltage before connecting the device.Voltage 220V-240V 50/60HZ)
      How to use the chopper[ 08-20 09:00 ]
      The chopper is intender for chopping ingredients such as nuts,meat,onions,hard cheese,boiled eggs,garlic,herbs,dry bread etc. The blades are very sharp!Be very careful when you handle the blade unit,especially when you remove it from the bowl,when you empty the bowl and during cleaning. Place the knife at the pivot point in the middle of the bowl.
      Scarlett visit our factory[ 08-20 08:35 ]
           According to the date with customer , in the early morning on Aug,11th , we were going to pick them up from Shunde Hotel . This is normally twice visit factory each year for Scarlett. Scarleet is our old customer from Russia , 4 years coope...
      How to use the whisk[ 08-19 14:44 ]
           The whisk is intended for stiring minor ingredients such as egg white,cream,instant desserts and eggs and sugar for cakes.Do not beat thicker mixtures such as margarine and sugar,this may damage the mixer.Use the S.S stick.Put the whisk bas...
      How to clean and maintain the hand blender[ 08-19 14:17 ]
      Always remove the plug from the socket when the device will be cleaned. Clean the appliance with a damp cloth.Never use harsh and abrasive cleaners,scouring pad or steel wool,which damages the device. Never immerse the device in water or any other liquid.The device not in dishwasher proof.
      Safety instructions_Gainer[ 08-18 11:15 ]
          By ignoring the safety instructions the manufacturer can not be hold responsible for the damage.      Do not use this appliance with a damaged cord or plug or when the appliance has malfunctions,or has been damaged in any manner.T...
      How to use the hand blender stick[ 08-18 10:05 ]
       The hand blender is intended for: Blending fluids,e.g. dairy prouducts,sauces,fruit juices,soups,mixed drinks and shakes. Mixing soft ingredients e.g. pancake batter or mayonnaise. Pureeing cooked ingredients,e.g.for making baby food. Put the S.S sti...
      Use tips[ 08-18 09:38 ]
      If the ingredients stick to the wall of the bowl,release the button to switch off the appliance and loosen the ingredients with a spatula or add some liquid. The appliance chops very quickly.Use the normal speed button or the turbo speed button.if you use the turbo speed button,use it briefly to prevent the food from becoming too finely chopped. Do not let the appliance run too long when you chop (hard) cheese or chocolate.Otherwise these ingredients become too hot,start to melt and turn lumpy. Do not use the blade unit to chop very hard ingredients like coffee beans,turmeric,nutmeg and
      The meat grinder. How to do?[ 08-15 11:39 ]
      1,with fine sand and clay soil mix into the meat grinder appropriate, stirring, fine sand and clay soil that the rust removing meat machine. But must pay attention, do not install the blade, or will the blade broke. 2,to the store to buy some cleaning sprays, spray can rust. But this method does not know except rust have poison, can clean up. 3,can Taomi Shui soak the meat grinder. To use for several days very thick Taomi vesicles.
      Method of use Juicer[ 08-14 11:21 ]
      In 1, the host frame of vertical alignment, put down, assembly in place. 2, the juice net bottom alignment motor wheel pressing down, hands the force should be uniform, confirm the pressed in place, a few turns to see whether the shaving machine. (file is ope...
      Does it crush ice?[ 08-12 11:29 ]
      Yes, it does a great job on regular size ice cubes even better of course if you start with it broken up or use the crushed ice setting on the dispenser on the fridge, but it does do a good job on regular size just takes a little longer. It is amazingly powerful for such a small appliance. Makes a heck of a frosty! Cheers
      The difference between domestic juicer and blender? The juice machine pressed Soybean Milk?[ 08-12 11:10 ]
      The difference between a juicer and blender. 1, juicer is mainly to squeeze the fruit juice, fruit juice and slag separation, and pressing are also thoroughly, don't waste. Juicer to extract juice does not need to add water directly expressible authentic frui...
      Hand mixer used commonly[ 08-08 11:09 ]
      Hand whisk commonly used in baking industry, is composed of a stainless steel material production and into a kitchen tool, used for whipping cream, protein etc.. There are different sizes according to the needs, select the required size. Is making pastry bakin...
      Use eggbeater attention which to have[ 08-06 11:06 ]
      In order to use safety, use eggbeater before must know what it matters needing attention, in order to avoid unnecessary risk. Use eggbeater precautions: 1.must have protective earthing. 2.dozen eggs machine equipment when it is working, keep the machine wor...
      How to use meat mincer[ 08-04 11:38 ]
      1 flushing. Each time you use the meat grinder, simply rinse. In general, the meat grinder are promptly cleaned at last after use, wash before use, wash away the dust is the main machine and etc.. Another advantage is that, before the use of washing will make the meat more easy and smooth, also can make the job after washing becomes relatively easy.
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